Monday, July 20, 2009

my daughter Sunakshi.... an everlasting bond!

The Sunakshi that I have known - first of all, this human being is not like everyone else, she is beyond the ordinary, she is far ahead of being just extra ordinary, she is a phenomenon! I met her or rather came across her profile on a blogging site, where I have been a regular blogger. She had written a couple of poems, and as I read them, I realized that this person was different. Her thoughts were ahead of the kind of thoughts that we all normal folks have, her poetry, her eloquence, her brutal honesty, her words had a huge impact on me, somewhere deep inside me, there was a churning. And then I noticed that she was just 18! How could an 18 year old express so profoundly? I said to myself, and remember posting my comments on her verses. And contrary to expectations, she replied. And that’s how we got introduced! Subsequently I requested her to read my posts, and she became an instant fan of my writings, she remains my biggest fan and my inspiration till date!

We then got to know each other and soon a common thread began to slowly but surely bind us together. This thread was the thread of friendship. As days passed by this thread became a rope, we soon formed a bond, a bond that does not know to break! This absolute gem of a person is now my daughter, a daughter I have always wanted, always cherished, always dreamt of! Nothing on this earth can be compared to the satisfaction I feel, when she calls me “papa”!

Sunakshi has a heart of gold, and this golden heart has one emotion in abundance, which is love! At times I feel, she has enough love to move mountains, she really has, I am serious! I do feel enriched, ever since I met her, God has been kind and generous when he was distributing love, he must have liked her a lot too, as he filled her heart with endless love. And it reflects in her voice, in her verses, in her words, her actions, and her very self! She emanates love like no one else! In these turbulent times, her love will prove to be a beacon, wherever she goes, calming and soothing the turmoil in her way….

Her wisdom leaves me stunned to the core, I just go speechless when we discuss or interact on various topics. I always wonder when does she get time to comprehend, understand, accept, and then express such noble thoughts of wisdom, she is just 19 today! I always feel, and I am saying this for the first time - give her an atheist, and sunakshi will turn him/her into a believer in two hours flat, that’s the power of her thoughts. Every single thought of hers is backed by completely unwavering conviction, and rock solid justification. To be honest I have always found it tough to win an argument with her, and I am so proud of it!

We both believe in the law of karma and the concept of rebirth completely, so we always have rejuvenating discussions, whenever we talk or chat. Sunakshi is fun to be with, loves life like anyone else of her age, yet remains very different from others. I always tell her that she has an objective to realize, on this earth, and her presence on this planet has a definite reason for being so! She understands what I mean.

It gave me so much happiness to meet her, for the very first time, in Jan this year, when I traveled all the way to Punjab! I actually spend 2 days at her place, met her parents and family. It was a bit unusual initially, but her parents knew of me, and we all were comfortable very soon. In fact her mother had moist eyes, when she said that their daughter had found so much of happiness after meeting me! If all goes well, she might spend this diwali with us, at pune!

Needless to say, the most lovable person I have ever known, and there wont be anyone else like her, not even close to her. She would like me to write about her weak points too, but I know she hasn’t any! At times she does sound weak and vulnerable, and at such times, I do miss being in Chandigarh, a lot. From pune I cant do much for my darling daughter, but she has the courage too, to fight against every odd and every challenge that life throws at her!

She has an awesome presence, absolutely one-in-a-billion! Her personality has shades… shades of love, warmth, care, affection, and a huge touch of glamour too! One of the few people who can make her eyes dance, half of her poetry oozes out of her expressive and magical eyes!

I have always always wanted to have a daughter, and I can go on and on, and probably write pages, on her, and yet I know I will feel I haven’t written enough, cos she is like that! My hearts carries infinite love and affection for this lovely daughter of mine, god bless her with the best of things in life, today, tomorrow, and for ever!


Uncommon Sense said...

Its nice to hear,, seen people fall in love on internet but this kind of love i wud say is rare.. and knowing that u took the relation offline thts heart-warming..

and for that atheist thing,, a atheist will remain and atheist and a beliver will remain a believer no amount of talking can change that..

Uncommon Sense said...

also you shud hv posted the link to sonakshi's blog. people would have liked to read her

IdleMind said...

This was a wonderful tribute, I must admit. The Sunakshi I know of, is an excellent friend. The way you immortalized the father-daughter relation is fascinating. How I wish the relation should mature into a fantastic, everlasting bond.

She has been an excellent friend, and we talk a lot ... mostly on the idiosyncrasies of life. Her elegant composure baffles me, while her quest for love intrigues ....

On the whole, she's a wonderful creature of nature. She has the power to scream ... as also to pacify. That makes me admire her even more.

Btw, aren't we oldies a shade lucky for having such wonderful young minds as acquaintances? I feel this is a blessing in disguise!

Anonymous said...

hmmm nice intro of sunakshi.

jyada ku6 to samaj nahi aa raha ki kya likhhu..

lekin bahot se aise cases mene dekhe hei.. real life me.. like relation of TRUST..

vicious said...

very emotional ... i had read a testimonial by u on her profile on a social networking site ..and i am really amazed that such a relationship can develop over the net ..

all the best. keep writing n keep inspiring anand :)

Chhaya said...

I remember u mentioning her a couple of times .. a long time back.

All my wishes and blessings for her :)

may god give her all the happiness and shield her from pain

Zero said...

Thank you for sharing. I never imagined that Mahajaal may be instrumental in bonding people to this extent. Best regards.

D.Dasgupta said...

Dear Anand:

It is not just the warmth of the composition that caught my attention. The absolute and yet simple truth that it expressed held me glued to your experience. You are different from most people I know, though the difference shows up more strongly in your writing than when one speaks to you in person. I did meet you and felt that Ink Tank and Anand should not be confused. That feeling came back to me with an overwhelming force today. Towards the middle of the "story" I kept wondering whether you would be meeting her. I even wished that you would. And you didn't disappoint me. I wish you a Happy Diwali with your family, but most importantly with your daughter.

You have sounded like a magician in this post, but not a magician who produces illusions. You are a magician who turns illusions into TRUTH.

Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing. It could turn me into a believer!!

Deep Da

iyer56 said...

Its no surprise,my friend,it comes as natural I feel,because she is your daughter and has inherited the inborn qualities in you,you cant change or alter them.Thanks for a nice write up,that brings out what family is all about.Wishing you and your daughter long and happy life,that endears you to others,who have similar feelings and emotions.And not the least want to wish arthi pattankar well,lest she turns hostile towards me.

IdleMind said...

Annandbhai, we need you desperately now ... every body here is writing gloomy stuff, please cheer us up.

This is urgent, kinda SOS!

Chhaya said...

long time no new post :(

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