Wednesday, May 9, 2007

unfair stings!

every other day we have sting operations, exposing politicians, corrupt men, catching indulging actors, and so on. latest in the line are the selectors. such sting operations are popular with the masses, provide lots of "breaking" news to media channels, but in the long run, does society benefit from all sting operations? is the media aware that a line needs to be drawn somewhere? is it fair and just to peep into someone's house, if that someone is a public figure in someway, and then catch whatever u can, on camera, and beam it across the nation for people to see? is there an objective behind every sting operation?

lets say a senior media guy is married, and having an affair, will it be right for some one to bring his love making out in the open? this scenario is not impossible if lines are not drawn now. do all the top media bosses approve of such sting operations? do such kind of covert operations fall into the news category? catching someone unawares, is that supposed to be news? maybe the shakti kapoor, and bangaru laxman stings were right in a way, as they exposed the evil prevailing in society, and cud have prevented a few more shakti kapoors and bangarus from happening. but the latest one where conversations between selectors was brought out in the open...... was that fair too? wont it create further divisions in the indian cricket, plunging it to another low? isnt their something like honoring someone's privacy? or are we now going to say that all is fair in love, war, and stings? any view points from my blogger friends?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

adult kids!

this has happened real. my sister-in-law's son is in class 6. recently, a boy from his class told another girl from the same class " tumhare pet me mera bachha hai ". not realising the impact of the statement, yet smelling something terribly wrong, the girl started to cry.
the teacher came to know, and was stunned, to say the least. she reported this to the principal, and next day, parents of both the kids were summoned. and they were explained the effects of allowing un restricted viewing of teleserials and movies to kids, without thinking of the after effects. a very small incident, but teaches us a lot.

we as a society are going down the drain very fast as far eroding of moral values is concerned. since both the parents work in most of the cases, and grandparents are not welcome in more and more homes, kids are left to themselves.

and thanks to ekta kapoor, and the likes, we have an ample dose of all nonsense in the daily soaps. add to it, our films that are bent on teaching the society, new lows in morality. and we have a huge problem on our hand. our younger generation is getting astray, in thoughts and in deeds.

here is an example, a lady in baroda started a sanskar camp during vacations. here she would teach prayers, scriptures, ramayana and mahabharata to kids. adding some value in her own way...... i was not surprised when only 3 participants registered. and a local tv channel carried out auditions for acting/dancing last week in baroda, and winners were promised modelling assignments in mumbai. and hundreds of kids gatecrashed, and it was chaos everywhere, and the programe had to be canceled on that day. in both cases, the age group was 6 to 10. the message is clear, we all know what the parents want their kids to do!!!

a greedy materialistic attitude, unscrupolous politicians, irresponsible parents, a publicity crazy media, and the general social fabric of the country, all are pointing towards a disaster in waiting. i just hope something positive happens!

wishing luck to the younger generation of this country!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

russian rhapsody!

as the cab approached the pasternak avenue, i wondered how natassia wud look, the last time we had met was when we both were just out of college, on our first blind date. now after a full 15 years, a natassia in her early thirties.... mmmm i was getting some naughty ideas slowly.

her cottage was at the end of pasternak avenue, just before the tram junction of irkutsk, a suburb in st petersburg. this was my first visit to this lovely russian city, it had a lot of history to offer. communist history.

the bell chimed a german melody .... i guess it was lorelei... i didnt hv to wait for long. natassia opened the door, and had me breathless. 5 feet 8 inches tall, a chiselled body that would make michael angelo do away with his tools, shoulder length hair, thad had a light crimson sheen, and the frangrance of wild orchid shampoo made its presence felt on this early december evening. her face gleamed as she kissed me lightly on my cheeks, and welcomed me inside, led me rather.
she was wearing a satin black full length gown, and had tightened the belt just enough to show off her divine figure, with her icy blue eyes adding a bit of intrigue to the small bonfire that lit the room. her sensuous body gracefully moving in all the right directions, my heart beats accelerated just a bit as she was back with 2 goblets and a bottle of chateau noveau 1959, a wine she knew i liked.
we talked a lot late into the evening as the wine started to show on her face, full lips that would put angelina jolie to shame, and high cheek bones that enshrined russian regal lineage. yes, she always claimed to have royal ancestors, and i never debated that.

yes. . . as she sat next to me, very close. . . close enuff for me to smell her body, she didnt forget to let her black satin gown to slide off, revealing a sheer sculpted body, and shifting my heartbeats into the next gear.
i didnt even realise when i bent down to kiss her ankle, lick her creamy skin, and move up her calves, gently kissing and licking at the same time. as i moved up slowly, i cudnt help but biting into her soft thighs, letting out a few gasps from her, breaking the silence, and setting the fire to crackle more.
i realised for the first time that passion had an effect on inanimate objects too, the fire in the corner of the room was sizzling with fury now, as if competing with our passion, and providing us with the impetus, for a long drawn out night.
by now i was at her soft belly, and was all over her, a slow frenzy starting to have a steady but sure grip on us both.

as she started to bite my neck, i held her thin waist and slowly....gently rubbed my face against her breasts, feeling a milky .....sweet smell......adding a few more beats to my already thumping heart.
natassia had full breasts, well cupped, her nipples taut, inviting me for more.....and more i had......kissing and sucking her breasts, her gasps were turning more frequent now, our bodies slowly getting entwined like 2 long lost creepers....mmmmm!!

i then moved further up to kiss her hard on the lips, a bout of agressive frenzy letting out a stifled cry from her. as i began to explore her mouth, i realised she was over me... and we indulged in a slow and warm french kiss, i wanted this to last loooong....real long... as my tongue took up the most cherished job....of exploring her mouth, moving my tongue slowly over her teeth, feeling them, playing with her tongue, slowly the sucking frequency increasing, and so were the heart beats, they raced away to a rapid dhak dhak

the blood pressure was increasing, yes it really was,..... as our hands explored each others' bodies, the tongues refused to cool down.
we must have been kissing for an hour............that was pretty long........still being able to sustain the tempo, both of us, and enjoying it thoroughly.............finally the saliva started to drop out, and she indicated she wanted to say something, but i refused and pressed on hard, natassia tried to push me away and i realised she was eager to speak to me, as i reluctantly took my mouth away.....and asked her with gasped breath what it was.........and she said..................saare jahaan se achha..........oh my god.......the loud alarm of my nokia playing saare jahaan se achha........woke me up, breaking off the dream of the century. . . .. . . . and making me realise that i had an early morning flight to catch to important meeting was 4 30 am.

finally as our plane took off at 6 30 am from mumbai, with great efforts i let natassia slip of my mind, concentrating on other important activities lined up for the day........

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

babubhai kabootar and the BJP hawks!!!

babubhai katara recently brought shame to dahod, gujarat, and the BJP, and not neccessarily in that order. a member of parliament, a person who forms the part of government of india. someone who was elected by the people of dahod to represent them in the loksabha. yes, he too took a pledge to abide by, and respect the constitution of india. but he changed his mind, and decided to enter into a racket to ferry people to greener pastures like canada, UK, new zealand. and ferry people on his wife and his son's passport. it is now revealed that he made 12 such trips. assuming he made rs 8 lacs per person he must have made a lot of money. babubhai katara doesnt have any moral values, and i am sure he is brought up the wrong way, and i also wish that he, and his likes not only go to hell, but rot in hell too.

what was more disturbing was not a single bjp leader openly condemned his actions, or came out on the media against babubhai. the party did suspend him but that was the least they could have done. had it been something to do with sonia gandhi's italian origin, advani, uma bharti, rajnath singh, sushma swaraj, venkaiah naidu, arun jaitly, would have scrambled to hog space on various TV channels, and news papers, and would have endlessly ranted against sonia, and how she was a threat to the security of this country.

what was further disturbing that the people of dahod who elected katara were also silent, none of them felt cheated enough to come out on the streets. these same people dont think for a second before coming out on the streets against richard gere and shilpa shetty. at times i fail to understand whats happening to the indian mindset. there should have been enormous protests against all those involved in human traficking, so that others get a lesson.

our pride is hurt only if mandira bedi wears a saaree depicting an indian flag. a babubhai bringing much more shame to the same indian flag doesnt bother us at all.