Wednesday, March 14, 2007

is it a lesson for most of us?

i belong to baroda, and ever since i remember, have been getting my clothes stitched with a local tailor . the readymade stuff doesnt fit me well. my tailor, his wife, and two sons, both are hearing and speech impaired, right since birth. we are now used to communicate with him, using very basic sign language. he operates from his residence, and as far as i am concerned, he is an absolutely top class tailor.he has a habit. whenever i give him shirt or trouser length of cloth, he wud return me the balance piece of cloth, once the clothes are stitched. and he insists that we take those small odd shaped pieces of cloth back with us.

curious, at why he does this, once i decided to ask him. as usual he refused to explain, but i insisted, and wrote on a piece of paper, that i must know the reason for his returning the balance pieces of cloth back to us.he then took a piece of paper, and wrote down his explanation. what he wrote that day, shocked me, and shook me out of my senses.

this is what he meant " during our past births, its certain that me and my family must have committed some grave sins. thats the reason we have been punished now, and are unable to speak or hear. in the present birth, i do not want to perform even the slightest wrong - even if it means keeping these leftover pieces of cloth that do not belong to us. cos, in the next birth, i would like to experience the joy of speech and wud love to hear every sound with my ears. i would like to laugh and cry and chat like everybody else. so i always insist that all my customers take back those left over cloth pieces "

i leart the lesson of my life that day. a tailor without any degrees, or qualification to his credit, one who is speech and hearing impaired, had understood the essence of life. and millions of qualified and educated wise men and women, like the rest of us, we spend years reading, attending lectures, following swamis and saints, performing satsangs, going on pilgrimages, indulging in charities and so on, and yet fail to understand what it is to live like a good human being.

this man had learnt the theory of karma without maybe opening a single page of bhagwad gita. hats off to him


J.KANNAN said...

Dear Anand Bai,
Good morning. This is JK.Your Ibibo friend.
I too have quit Ibibo. I hv alreday visited your blog. I will read your postings on this regularly.
This one is agreat post and all your articles so far I have read have been very good one. I had not been posting on this for the past over a month or so and will pick up from now on. You may find some my writings interesting to you. I am always with you to encourage and popularizse your writngs.
This is a great post what an amazing thinking by the tailor and his family according to me thay are realised one indeed even w/o reading through scriptures.

Please be in contact.

All the best to you and your family.

Divya said...

nice one,
its true that learning essence of life is very important, as ur tailor did....
quite superb...
i wanted to ask u, whether blogspot is better place to blog in or ibibo was. Is there any source of earning here also??

maggi said...

i logged on to ibibo not to be apart of the bloggers hunt but just to write in my own way...but i does not luk like a nice way as people are more inclined towards competition new to blogging but it seems to be an interseting job..can u tell me any other good place to blog....

Suresh Gupta said...

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I have always believed that to lead a meaningfull life one does not need any formal school/college education. Such education only teaches people how to earn money.To relate to the world one needs a clear state of mind filled by positive thoughts.

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