Wednesday, March 14, 2007

we can create our horoscopes in the next birth

an astrologer friend and his wife had come over to our place last week. after a while, naturally the conversation veered off in the direction of astrology and the planets and so forth. incidentally that was also the day when saturn was nearest to the earth, and this event got plenty of media coverage. i asked my friend to have a look at my horoscope, and he promised to study it in detail and provide me with some sort of career guidance, which is much needed at this stage.

while we were discussing the effects of shani (saturn), he made an unusual statement. he said " anand, we can very much decide our horoscope for the next birth." my first reaction was to casually laugh it off, then i gave it a serious thought, and given below are my conclusions in brief:

1) as per the law of karma or the theory of karma, all our actions in this life will be paid back equally in this + the next birth. assuming this -

2) lets say a person commits sin after sin after sin in this birth, then in the next life he takes birth in a family where he will have to face absolute misery, and immense problems, be it health or finance related. a stage might come in his life where, out of frustration, he curses the surroundings, the govt, the country, the circumstances etc etc. but the fact remains that by getting a miserable life in this birth, he is in fact paying for all his sins in the previous birth

3) exactly opposite of this, a man/woman of 100% virtues, cud take birth in a noble family where he or she never falls short of luxuries, a moral upbringing, and the best amenities and opportunities at his disposal. in short it would be extremely fortunate, and a privilege for a child to take birth is such a family. here again, all his good deeds in the previous birth have paid off one can say.the more i think on this the more convinced i am that it is in our hands to decide our horoscope in the next birth.


J.KANNAN said...

Dear Anand Bai,
Astrology is a deep subject, like wise karma, its effects, future results, next birth fortunes and misfortunes etc. are very deep subjects and I have read plenty on these topics. You will even find few posting on these in my blog and when time permits you may like to read it.
I will be making articles on this subjct again and its only a ? of time. "Pahle Rotti Kamaneka he, baad mein writngs" and hope you will agree with me.

All the best to you. Keep writing on this blog its really meant for class and not for mass according to me.
Pl be in contact.


lalli said...

so now ur concentrating here? very good.its really bugging over thr.sawaal too lost its charm! said...

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