Wednesday, May 2, 2007

babubhai kabootar and the BJP hawks!!!

babubhai katara recently brought shame to dahod, gujarat, and the BJP, and not neccessarily in that order. a member of parliament, a person who forms the part of government of india. someone who was elected by the people of dahod to represent them in the loksabha. yes, he too took a pledge to abide by, and respect the constitution of india. but he changed his mind, and decided to enter into a racket to ferry people to greener pastures like canada, UK, new zealand. and ferry people on his wife and his son's passport. it is now revealed that he made 12 such trips. assuming he made rs 8 lacs per person he must have made a lot of money. babubhai katara doesnt have any moral values, and i am sure he is brought up the wrong way, and i also wish that he, and his likes not only go to hell, but rot in hell too.

what was more disturbing was not a single bjp leader openly condemned his actions, or came out on the media against babubhai. the party did suspend him but that was the least they could have done. had it been something to do with sonia gandhi's italian origin, advani, uma bharti, rajnath singh, sushma swaraj, venkaiah naidu, arun jaitly, would have scrambled to hog space on various TV channels, and news papers, and would have endlessly ranted against sonia, and how she was a threat to the security of this country.

what was further disturbing that the people of dahod who elected katara were also silent, none of them felt cheated enough to come out on the streets. these same people dont think for a second before coming out on the streets against richard gere and shilpa shetty. at times i fail to understand whats happening to the indian mindset. there should have been enormous protests against all those involved in human traficking, so that others get a lesson.

our pride is hurt only if mandira bedi wears a saaree depicting an indian flag. a babubhai bringing much more shame to the same indian flag doesnt bother us at all.

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J.KANNAN said...

Baboobhai Kaboother brought shame to the entire nation, not only for Gujrat.
Babu bai, what a beautiful name coosen by his parents. Did they ever expect their son to be a useless guy and will indulge in unetical and shameful acts ?

Man makes money and here is a living emodiment of" money making man".

Its very simple that no BJP leaders have ever condemned the Kaboothar's act, as they are all belonging to "The chips of the same block."

Yes ,I atleast feel that there should have been one Godse in Dhabol to deal with this Kaboothar induged himself in unethical, evil and shameful acts(seems to be the basic principles of Indian Politics).