Saturday, May 5, 2007

adult kids!

this has happened real. my sister-in-law's son is in class 6. recently, a boy from his class told another girl from the same class " tumhare pet me mera bachha hai ". not realising the impact of the statement, yet smelling something terribly wrong, the girl started to cry.
the teacher came to know, and was stunned, to say the least. she reported this to the principal, and next day, parents of both the kids were summoned. and they were explained the effects of allowing un restricted viewing of teleserials and movies to kids, without thinking of the after effects. a very small incident, but teaches us a lot.

we as a society are going down the drain very fast as far eroding of moral values is concerned. since both the parents work in most of the cases, and grandparents are not welcome in more and more homes, kids are left to themselves.

and thanks to ekta kapoor, and the likes, we have an ample dose of all nonsense in the daily soaps. add to it, our films that are bent on teaching the society, new lows in morality. and we have a huge problem on our hand. our younger generation is getting astray, in thoughts and in deeds.

here is an example, a lady in baroda started a sanskar camp during vacations. here she would teach prayers, scriptures, ramayana and mahabharata to kids. adding some value in her own way...... i was not surprised when only 3 participants registered. and a local tv channel carried out auditions for acting/dancing last week in baroda, and winners were promised modelling assignments in mumbai. and hundreds of kids gatecrashed, and it was chaos everywhere, and the programe had to be canceled on that day. in both cases, the age group was 6 to 10. the message is clear, we all know what the parents want their kids to do!!!

a greedy materialistic attitude, unscrupolous politicians, irresponsible parents, a publicity crazy media, and the general social fabric of the country, all are pointing towards a disaster in waiting. i just hope something positive happens!

wishing luck to the younger generation of this country!


luckyme said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog and just added it to my great blog links list.
If you'd add mine that would be great, if not thats ok too.


Savita said...

so very true...
nicely pointed out a huge problem with the kids in our country...
joint family is the only solution i guess...

Anonymous said...

yes,,today's kids are doing what they see,,so it is for parents to take care of them

J.KANNAN said...

For a change I would like to refer such kids as updated kids instead of adult kids.
Parents and teachers are mainly responsible and society should not be allowed to escape, as they do own responsibility towards kids.
I would suggest that in a family with kids TV should not be switched on between say 7 PM to 11 PM, as during these hours most of the Teleserials with unethical, unacceptable scenes and contents are being telecast. Can’t parents, grand parents other members of the family co-operate and make it effective in the interest of their own kids?

There is a censor board functioning under GOVT. OF INDIA “ JUST GOOD FOR NOTHING ORGANISATION” certifying and passing films with nasty and dirty scenes to ruin the society. The Govt. of India, Department of Information and broadcasting should enforce strict and stringent measures ensuring the censor board works with a sense of moral and social responsibility, before certification and passing of films and small screen serials also should essentially be brought under the purview of censoring before telecasting.

Parents and teachers should play their vital role effectively in nurturing and bringing up kids so that they are really nice and good kids instead of adult and adulterated kids.

Please do remember:
Society is built upon Trust
Trust is built upon Faith
Faith is built upon Truth
And all of us are part of it.

Ashish Patil said...

Hey you write really well.
The problem is not with TV , its with what we watch on it.

I am still very young[unmarried ;-)] , but I do feel that parents should really 'plan' what they want their kids to see and learn.

As you point out, many kids today don't even know anything about Ramayana, Mahabharata or Indian histroy. Parents hardly find any time to teach such things to them in an interesting manner.

Ruchika said...

True, but its the present generation which is responsible for this degradation! So its up to us to try to make it little better...

Sandy said...

Today kids no longer remains kids. Right from the day they are born, they are exposed to so many things. I feel the blame squarely lies with the parents coz they are the ones who the kids look upto when they are small.

Kim said...

hi Lalli
you have a great blog here and some very interesting posts.....I think parent(s) are responsible for their children.....a return to family values is needed...