Wednesday, May 9, 2007

unfair stings!

every other day we have sting operations, exposing politicians, corrupt men, catching indulging actors, and so on. latest in the line are the selectors. such sting operations are popular with the masses, provide lots of "breaking" news to media channels, but in the long run, does society benefit from all sting operations? is the media aware that a line needs to be drawn somewhere? is it fair and just to peep into someone's house, if that someone is a public figure in someway, and then catch whatever u can, on camera, and beam it across the nation for people to see? is there an objective behind every sting operation?

lets say a senior media guy is married, and having an affair, will it be right for some one to bring his love making out in the open? this scenario is not impossible if lines are not drawn now. do all the top media bosses approve of such sting operations? do such kind of covert operations fall into the news category? catching someone unawares, is that supposed to be news? maybe the shakti kapoor, and bangaru laxman stings were right in a way, as they exposed the evil prevailing in society, and cud have prevented a few more shakti kapoors and bangarus from happening. but the latest one where conversations between selectors was brought out in the open...... was that fair too? wont it create further divisions in the indian cricket, plunging it to another low? isnt their something like honoring someone's privacy? or are we now going to say that all is fair in love, war, and stings? any view points from my blogger friends?


Anonymous said...

Sting operations that would effect the lives of common man where in the powers be are using their powers for corrupt purposes are welcome any day to bring the perpetrators to justice. Rest is all sensationaling for TRP of the concerned, so called 'news channels.' Personal lives that would have no effect on the lives of common man is not 'NEWS'

J.KANNAN said...

Sting operations for media (both print & visual) have become a matter of mania and as a matter of routine and are on an increase in the recent past. Paparazzi, hand in glove with media reporters and writers play a vital and dirty role on this.
For media their objective is to increase the circulation/viewer ship of their publications/transmissions and for that they will go to any extend, even if the lines are drawn, they will cross over the lines to do the mischief and misfit reporting. You will be surprised; in Chennai even bathroom scenes are photographed and published in magazines exposing leading cine personalities, forget about Bangaru Laxman’s episode etc.

Don’t blame media alone, given a chance, will grab the opportunity for their benefit and advantage and one has to be cautious and careful about this.

Every body recently knows what Shilpa Shetty has done. Is media at fault in this instance ? No way. Nothing to comment excepting “ a daredevil up to any mischief and misdeed”

Don’t worry Sirs on all this; protect thyself, thy family, near and dear ones. This is what is my view point as your blogger friend.

Always remember, You can take horse to the pond, but you can’t make it drink water, that’s the state of affairs of our media industry.

Great days are ahead for our reporters, writers and lens men. Be watchful, Careful and cautio

Ruchika said...

I totally agree!! There's got to be a line drawn somewhere and Indian media these days is more interested in violating people's privacy in the name of news... and there is so much trash which is being paraded as news these days, with local channels running out of real news, so they make programs on baseless and senseless stuff!